We Cater To Each Individual Hunter.  
Its Your Hunting Trip, We Just Want To Make It Better
Another Great Father-Son Hunt On The Langley Ranch
Boar Tusk Jewelry
Hunt The Elusive Wild Boar In Rugged Pasture, Deep Gulleys,
Thick Brush And Creek Bottoms. Some Of The Hogs Have
Strong Genetic Ties To The Russian Boar.  Our Hogs Are Big,
Mean, And Usually Difficult To Hunt.  

No Closed Season So You May Hunt Anytime Throughout The
The Langley Ranch, A Working Cattle Ranch, Is The
Ultimate Facility For Your Hog Hunting Needs. An
Abundance Of Deer, Hogs, And Waterfowl,
Coupled With Rolling Hills, Freshwater Ponds And
Running Creeks Offer The Perfect Backdrop For
Even The Most Experienced Hunter.
Our Hog Hunting Success Is Based On Our
Occurrence of Native Wild Hogs.  Our Proof of
Quality Is In Your Satisfaction.  
Texas Wild Hog Hunting At Its Best
On The Scenic Langley Ranch
Centerville, Texas
World Champion Pistol Shooter Jerry Miculek Recently
Took This  Boar On The Langley Ranch
Caraline Savannah Dudley With Her First Hog.."47 lb 1st Grade Girl & A 212 lb Boar"
Nestled Where The Post-Oak Savannah Meets The
Piney Woods In Centerville, Texas. Just East Of I-45
Half- Way Between Houston And Dallas. Join The
Langleys For Your First Or Next Hog Hunting Trip.
James Devoglaer of Austin, Texas and Hunting Guide
Randy Dudley Worked Hard Together For This
Incredible Boar. Over 4" Symmetrical Tusks With Mule
Feet. Meaning He Had Solid Hooves Similar To A Horse.  
Feet Like These Date Back To An Old Spanish Breed Of
Hogs Brought Over From the 1500's.  A Very Rare Hog.
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