Boar Tusk Jewelry
We had a blast hunting with you guys and we will be back for another
hunt. Sue thank you for the very awesome cake. We were wondering if we of
the ones we took with the exception of Jimmy Webb came out. Can you beleive
the one with the only person to not hunt came out. We will return the
negatives back to you if you would let us borrow them.  
Charles Bebee
We all had a great time  and will be back soon.  Best Hog hunting ever.
Y'all  have the BEST hog prices I've been able to find yet. Keep up the good
work guys. Hope to see you again soon.
Tyler Cronquist
Thanks again for making our hunting trip such a memorable occasion.  We are
still reeling from the wonderful time that we had.  Your hospitality was
soon if we can coordinate aweekend when you are not booked.
We had a wonderful time. I can't put into words the scenery and the
Thanks Again,
Marie A. Lofton
my next hunt with you guys. Tell Mrs. Sue thanks for her help and the great
cake! Also tell the kids I said hello.

Till next time, God Bless.
Jeff Baker

I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed my trip to your ranch
Saturday for the hog hunt.  I really had a great time and enjoyed Joe's advice
and stories throughout the hunt.  Never did I imagine that I would have
walked away with a 112lb hog as fast as I did.  

I've enclosed two pictures that I think might be useful since Joe
stated that you wanted them for the website.  Feel free to use them with my
permission.  If you need, I can digitally enhance the hog to look
bigger so I can enhance my story as well. *LAUGH*  250lb hog?  No problem.

Once again, many thanks!  I will definitely be back.

Greg Stringfellow
Thank you for letting me know about posting my picture. That is very cool.
Thank you! We had a great time and plan on returning in December if we can find
time off work. We have many friends that are also interested in coming soon as
well. Some may have already contacted you.
See you all again soon,
Susan Montes
Just got back it was a great time.  Joe and Sue went out of their way
for my son and I.
I will be scanning in my pic and writing a story about our hunt.
I will post at:
And also on a couple of hunting sites.
I will keep in touch.

Lyle Hart, Deadwood, Dakota Ter.

PS  your web page is looking good.
Just wanted to say a BIG THANKS for this past weekend.
11-26-2004. This was the best weekend that I have ever had. First I would like
to give a very SPECIAL THANKS to Mrs. Langley. That pearcake was AWESOME, and as
the young was off the Thank you so much for the cake your
gracious hospitality. And second to Mr. Langley. You are truly a God sent.
I really didn't look for all the effort that was given for me to get my hog. It
was windy all this weekend, but my son Jeff did get his hog the first day. But
het second day the wind was still very high, and the hogs just weren't moving,
but Mr. Langley got the guides together and had a drive that got them up and
moving.....Thanks guys, and after a couple of drives, I got my hog....and a
great one I might say....161 lbs, 5 lbs heavier than my son's, and you know what
great one I might say....161 lbs, 5 lbs heavier than my son's, and you know what
I'm talking So to the Langleys, thanks to the utmost for a GREAT
hunt. And I cam assure that if the Good Lord is willing, we will be back. Thanks
again for a GREAT hunt.
Jackie and Jeff Baker

Thanks for the great hunt for my son and I.  It was a tremendous experience
for us that we will always remember.

The story I wrote about our hunt was published in Boar Hunter magazine last
month.  I have also posted it on our new family website:

We are hoping to see you all in the early spring.  My son and I have made a
spear, he wants to try for a hog with a spear.

Lyle Hart
Deadwood, Dakota Ter.
Thank you for making this hunting trip so wonderful.  We enjoyed the scenery and
family-like atmosphere.  We look forward to returning in the fall.  Many thanks
to all of you for making us feel at home.
Darnell Williams and Marie Lofton
This is the most peaceful hunting I have ever done.  My 7 year old son is having
the time of his life.  It is awesome how the hospitality is so overwhelming from
Mr.and Mrs. Langley.  I look forward on another hunt.  Can't wait to tell
everyone about it.

Raymond and Raymond Jr. Smith
The hospitality you have extended to us has been most gracious.  The warm welcome,
especially the very delicious pear cake, is to be commended.  The clean, neat
facilities really add to one's stay here.  The atmosphere and the beautiful view
are really great.  The hunting has really been fun and the game a challenge.  Chris
was return.  Thanks for a very pleasant
Chris Masera and Jim Smith
Our experience here has exceeded our expectations!  We would like to thank you
for your hospitality extended to us during our stay.  I could not have asked
See you both soon!                                                             
Susan Montes and Brandon Miles
We had a wonderful time this past weekend.  As usual, the hospitality was
exceptional.  Mere words cannot explain the scenery.  Sue "the pear cake has
become a trademark".  You have a family type atmosphere here and we look
forward to returning soon.  Darnell will not cease with the hog tales.  
Thanks for everything.
Darnell and Marie Lofton Williams
you again soon.  
Thanks for having us.  We enjoyed ourselves.           
I really truly enjoyed my visit and stay to your ranch.  This was my first hog
good work and look for our return soon.  Be sure and tell Mrs. Sue the cake was
good work and look for our return soon.  Be sure and tell Mrs. Sue the cake was
great!!!  Next time I'll get a bigger hog than my dad!!!                         
Jeff and Jackie Baker
We four guys from Houston, Troy, Frank, Leonard and George, had a great!!time on
hog hunt.  It was truly amazing.  Thank you.
Joe, Sue, Randy & Family,

I just wanted to take the time to tell how truly pleasant our time with you
and your family was.  I just could not have asked for more.  I have been on
a few guided hunts, and your operation is second to none.  I want to make
sure that I give credit where credit is do, and I can tell you one thing,
it doesn't belong to the hogs.  You and your family could make a poor hunt
good with your  unrelenting hospitality, I am sure of it.  You have a very
special thing there, and I want to make sure you knew how much we
appreciate it.

Thank you very much,
Jake Landes
Thank you for the great hospitality and a wonderful memory that the three of
us will have for a lifetime.

Les Brooks, Taylor Brooks, Charles Brooks
Joe & Sue,

Thank you for the warm welcome with the warm cake.  I suggest it for
breakfast with coffee. Joe, the hunt was the first of many.  WOW!  TWO HOGS!
Again many thanks, and hope to see you again soon.

Darren & Danelle Mathews
The Langley ranch is the best place for hunting.  I love it so much, I want to
come back every year to hunt.  Joe and Randy are so nice.  They let us go do
stuff hunting owners don't let you do.  "LANGLEY RANCH ROCKS"!

From: Michael Moshiri
Sue, Joe, Randy--
better (and the pear bundt cake was best). We will see you again I am sure.

Two hogs with one arrow--who would have thought!

Mike Jines
company was good, hospitality- fantastic and hunting, well 140 & 166 lb. hogs
speak for the hunt, thanks!
Thanks for taking such good care of Dad.  His physical abilities are
dwindling but not his desire to hunt.
Thanks again,

Alan & Daryl Stahl
The Langley Family,
monster.  Everything was great except for when that hog disrespected me & got
up and ran away.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself and I will definitely be back.
Andre Clarke

P. S. I expect my picture to be on the front page of your website & in small
caps write "Anyone can do it, even him".
Thanks again!
Coach & family,
This was our 1st hog hunt and we had a great time.  We all enjoyed the family
operation that you run.  You have a 1st class operation & we are sure to
return.  We will be talking about this for years to come.  These will be
priceless memories for all of us.

God bless you & your family,

Troy, Josh, Seth & Haley Sue
Thanks a million.  

Sandy & Charles Bebee, Chris Bebee, Nick Bebee, Jim Webb
P. S. Sue—your pear cake was delicious!
Dear Langleys,

We are glad to be back here again.  I like the pictures of me.  Thanks for
another great trip and great pear cake!  

Wade and Lyle Hart
The Harpers

This has been a great weekend the best we have experienced yet.  Hunting here
by far exceeds all other lodges we have been to.  We will be back again.  
Thanks for the good times.

Keith, Wiley and Jon Harper
I had a great time.  Thank you for going the “extra mile” for us.  The hunting
is great and the hospitality is even better.  We will be back.  

Kevin Werts
Thanks for a great weekend.  I look forward to coming back very soon.  

Ryan Jackson
Saying that
“this was a great trip” just doesn’t sum it up.  The facilities,
the hospitality, the great hunting, and the
grade A service that was delivered
made this a hunting trip for memories for years to come.  Joe is a true country
gentlemen, and his operation is
first class all the way!  He made our family
feel like we were part of his.

Fred, Benno & Erick Wiedner
Dear Joe and Sue,

I just wanted to let you know that we were very pleased with our hunt
and would like to thank you for your hospitality.

I have been bragging on your ranch and telling all of my friends and
family about the wonderful experience. We will definately be returning
for another hunt.


Jason,Tony,Justin and Cody  

P.S. Sue, the cake was delicious  

Thank you so much for letting us enjoy your place.  Everything was first
class.  The hunting was awesome.  Joe, thank you for all of your help and
entire family back soon!

Thank you.

Jack and Billy


Joe and Sue

We knew when we pulled up and you walked out to greet us that this was a
great place with true southern hospitality.  The hunting was great.  Getting
2 with one shot was just unbelievable.  Being stared down by a doe was
incredible.  The pear cake was wonderful.  We will be back in the spring
with out kids.  Thank you!

Paul and Kim, Wichita, KS


Joe and Sue

We had a long trip to get here and it was well worth it.  What a GREAT
time.  Riding the 4 wheeler, waiting in the dark for those dang pigs to
finally come out, feeding the calf and horses, putting out feed for the
pigs, etc.  Seems like before you know it, it’s time to pack up and leave.

We got our 2 pigs and thanks for letting Sandra clean one while you cleaned
3.  Thank you for the pear cake.  Seems like everyone really enjoys it.  We
slept great too.  Love the sunrise.

Thank you both for being so kind to all of us.  You do more than you really
need to.  Hope to see you again.

Sandra and Ron
This was the most incredible hunt me and Jasmine have ever been on. It will
be very hard to ever top your ranch and helpfulness. Because of your
efforts Jasmine and I both had the hunts of our lives  Jasmines boar  was
an awesome experience and my 2 black powder boars were awesome!!! Once
again thanks for the awesome hunt.
Howard & Jasmine Smith
Dear Langleys & Randy,

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!  When I lived in New York,
I always used to brag about "Southern Hospitality" back home in Texas.  and
well in Centerville, TX and on the Langley Ranch!  People like you make me
proud to be from Texas.  From the moment we arrived, we all felt like a
part of the Langley family.  And, that spiced pear bundt cake that Mrs.
Langley made for us was amazing.  We appreciate all the hard work each of
you did for us, and we marveled at your energy, enthusiasm and skill.  You
have some beautiful land, and as I sit here in Dallas, I already wish I was
back on your ranch.  In addition, it seemed like everyone we met in the
towns of Centerville and Leona were the nicest folks in the world.

I also have to say that we were impressed with the number and quality of
all the hogs.  I saw more hogs than I could shake a stick at.  Plus, this
trip was extra special for me because my hog was the first animal I had
ever harvested with a bow.  I would truly be surprised if someone came to
your ranch and was not able to take an animal.  This was the best hunting
trip I've ever taken, and I think my entire family is agreed that we'll be
coming back soon.

Thanks so much!
Stephen C. Dominguez
Hello from Nebraska. We hope all is well there. I just wanted to thank Joe
lifetime. Two bigs hogs in one day was outstanding and the result of the
lifetime. Two bigs hogs in one day was outstanding and the result of the
Ranch is a must if you are looking for a truly great hog hunt. This was my
third hog hunt and by far the best. I hope the 2006 hunting season is a
great one Joe.  
Hope to see ya next year.....
Steve and Stacy Lee

Samantha and I had a great time,  it is clear to see that you all walk with
God.  I could see him in each of you.   Just wanted to tell you all how
much fun we had.  We just wish we could have shot a little bit better.  

Let us know when the hogs are back on the free ranging side.  We love a
challenge, anyway here are the pictures we promised.  Judging from the
looks of them, we will be investing in a new digital camera that is at
least 5 to 6 pixels.

God Bless you all,

Samantha and Scott



Our recent weekend experience. I say experience, because the two of you and
Randy combined to make it more than a "routine hunt". Mrs. Langley,
from the signature Langley Ranch Pear Cake, to the special homemade fig
preserves that found their way to my car, about the time I was leaving,
these were very special touches. I thank you.

Mr. Langley, I have been blessed by the good Lord, to have had the good
fortune to hunt and fish the better part of my 43 years, across the US
and a hand-full of other countries as well. As a professional outfitter I
rate your commitment to the customer ahead of anything I have ever enjoyed.
You are the consummate professional, literally going above and beyond the
norm to see that everyone took home not only a cooler full of pork, but
even more important, some fantastic memories. From early to late, in the
extreme heat,  I still don't see how you and Randy did all you did, to
ensure our hunt was a tremendous success. 14 HOGS !! WOW !!

Seriously, I look forward to bringing my girls, 12 and 15 along with my
lovely bride for the next go round. The girls have grown up hunting and
would love to harvest a couple real trophies from the Boar Patch.

Please provide me with some open dates for 4th quarter 2006 if possible.

M. Brett Giles
I wish to thank you for the wonderful time my brother, grandson and I
had during our visit to your ranch.  Getting away from the daily grind
is very important.  Some are more important than others and both of you
made this a very special time when it was much needed.  Dan's smile is
bagged.  What a trophy!

Josh, my grandson, bagged two hogs with one shot and it is all he has
been talking about for 3 days.  This was his first experience at hunting
and he is definitely hooked.

Your genuine concern we not only have a successful hunt but also an
overall enjoyable time displayed both a professionalism & your obvious
enjoyment as a guide and as a person who really cares about people.  The
only thing that might compare would be Sue's Spice Pear Cake (That's a
hint Sue).

You helped create some wonderful memories.  While some memories might
be short-lived on this earth, all of them will last for an enternity.   

We will definitely be back,

Mike Stevens

Thursday, March 01, 2007
Dear Joe & Sue, Randy & Cara
I had a wonderful time on th ranch this week.  I went out to East Texas to
hunt hogs and wound up with some wonderful friends.  Looking forward to the
next time.

In Him,
John Townsend.  

What a hunt! My father, two brothers, and two friends came
to hunt at your ranch Feb 23-25-07. The Pear Bunt Cake was wonderful, so
good in fact that we were able to talk Sue into making a second cake. I
took 3 hogs myself, a 127, a 150, and a 160!!!!!! Everyone that was on
our trip shot hogs!! Again I want to thank you for a very memorable
trip. It was Dad,s last year coming down and getting his first hog in
three years of trying was very special to him. God Bless, hope to arrange a
father/son hunt in 2008.Again Thanks!!! for a great hunt with expert
Michael Bell
Dear Joe & Sue Langley  
those folks that you will remember for life and you make a connection.  
Our experience at the Langley Ranch was just that, and experience that my
wife and I will never forget, it was not just the great hunting and the 8
hogs we shot.  
It was the professionalism and caring nature that Joe and Sue put into
their operation, making us feel very while we were on the Langley Ranch for
4 days we truly felt as if we were part of the Langley Family, whether
hunting or just sitting around telling stories and for that we thank you.  
Sue, thank you for the wonderful cake and the time you took with my wife
just sitting on the porch talking.  She enjoyed your company very much.  In
this fast paced world we live in, it is nice to know that there is still
people in this world that do what they say they are going to do and mean
what they say.  Like I have said before, "hunting is not about the taking
of an animal but more about the experiences and the people you meet along
the way".  We have been truly blessed to have met you folks
Thank you, Thank You!!!!!

Troy & Mary Decker
Sauk Rapids, MN
Dear Sue and Joe, Randy      
From the day we booked our hunt, our thoughts and daily activates were
often slightly interrupted with discussions of the impending hog hunt at
the Langley Ranch. Having never hunted wild hogs your e-mail’s answering
all the questions we had, was much appreciated. Your southern hospitality
was amazing. The hunting lodge was spacious and we enjoyed how you told us
to make our selves at home. The coffee pot was a excellent. We hunt quite a
bit and enjoyed the hog hunting mentoring Joe and Randy gave us, it’s
amazing how much you don’t know until someone tells hunts were filled with
intense anticipation, quick action and 100% success. We really enjoyed
seeing you all after a hog was down. Smiles all around, congratulations and
thanks, made the hunting experience a lifetime memory that makes the hunter
immediately start planning his next hunt with the Langley’s. Watching
Randy, Cody or you prep and butcher our hogs, while explaining why you were
doing what you were doing and always willing to offer recipes for cooking
was a perfect end to that part of the hunt. We appreciated your intense
desire to make sure we fully enjoy our hunting experience. With-in 15
minutes after meeting you we felt very much like we were home, your smile
and jokes were a great way to start the day. We also appreciated the advice
you gave use on how to keep the meat safe while we drove the 1254 miles
back to Wisconsin. We all plan to come back and hunt on your ranch with our
family’s and hope we can book the hunt soon.

NOTE: You made a 10 out of 10 in the “BFF” (Bill Fun Factor)

Sincerely and very thankful
Bill Hodgkinson,
Carl Bouxa,
Peter Ossmann
Bo Plank

Our hunt was just a wonderful experience. Joe was just wonderful it was
like friends not just customers.  For my dad and I it was great he
actually got excited about hunting again it was a great experience for
My uncle and friend that were there with us really enjoyed it as well
the only thing we could talk about on the way home was planning the next
trip. Thanks so much for the pear cake it was wonderful.  You all run a
first class operation. The hunting was the reason for going but once you
get there everything else is the reason for staying and wanting to come

Also I would like to put in a request now for our next trip that Joe
saves some boars that need to be cut for us.  That was even enjoyable
the whole thing was great.  Thanks again and see you all next time

Doug Parson
Ed Parson
Jack Bryant
Chris Zurn
Randy thank you for making sure  the hunt was fun, safe and successful
to Sue's pear cake, The Langley Ranch is Texas hospitality. This last
hunt was given to me by my beautiful wife for my birthday and I
celebrated it by getting the biggest hog I've taken yet. I'm looking
forward to the next time I can head south, visit ya'll and get another
Texas hog for the freezer. Thank you for the kindness and making it feel
like not only a hunt but a visit with old friends.
Dan Williamson Garland,Texas
Thank you Randy & Joe you are two true gentlemen. From the time we
arrived it was like reuniting with old hunting buddies.From the constant
laughs,comfortable atmosphere, not to mention how hard you worked to
make sure we had fun.Your professional run operation should be envied by
other outfitters. Look forward to next year. Going for 10
T Ward Philadelphia, Penn