$150.00 Per Hunter Includes:
·        One Hog Up To 100 Pounds
·        Full Guide Service
.        Predator & Varmint Hunting
.        Fishing   

·        If Your First Hog Weighs Over 100 Pounds It Will Result In       
An Additional $1.00 Per Pound Trophy Fee For Each lb Over 100.

75 lb hog = $150.00
101 lb hog= $151.00
115 lb hog = $165.00
245 lb hog = $295.00
500 lb hog = $550.00

Any Other Additional Hogs Are Simply A $1.00 Per            
Pound Live Weight For The Rest Of Your Stay.  Shoot As Many
As You Want!!

.        Minimum Price For Any Hunt= $150.00
Cleaning Fee:  $25.00 Includes Use Of Walk-In
And Skinning Facility  
Lodging $25 Per Person Per Night
.        Non-Hunters $25.00 Per Day With Hunting Party

.         Blood, Bone, Guides Finding Injured Game Or Evidence Of
Wounded Game Equal A Kill.  $150 For Hogs Not Recovered After
Your Shot.

 We Do Not Require A Deposit   We Do Require A Good Faith
Gentleman's Agreement For Booking A Hunt That You Will Show
Up And Any Cancellations Will Be Given With Proper Notice.

We Reserve Weekends For Hunting Parties Of No Less Than  4
Hunters Or More.  
Boar Tusk Jewelry
Cleaning Your Game:
Cleaning Facilities Are Available On-Site.  You May Clean
Your Game And Process It Yourself.
If You Have Never Cleaned An Animal Before We Would
Be Glad To Teach You. Or If You Prefer For $25.00 One Of
Our Guides Will Clean, Skin, Hang
In Cooler  And Quarter Your Hog For You.

The One And Only Rule Is To Have Fun And Enjoy
Yourself, While Being Safe And Aware of those around
you.   You Are Welcomed To Hunt Any Style That You
Prefer Bow, Handgun,Shotgun (No Buck Shot), Rifle (No
FMJ), Crossbow, Black Powder, ETC.  
Blood And Or Evidence Of Wounded Game Equal  A Kill
And All Fees Apply.  
Minimum Caliber We Prefer You To
Use Is .243 Win.  Weve Had Very Poor Luck With .223's  
They Just Do Not Have Enough Energy For Our Big Boars..
When You Book A Hunt With Us, You Will Be The Only Hunters On The
Ranch During That Time.  
We Do Not Believe In Mixing  Hunting Parties.
**Our Guides Work Hard For You & Spend Many Hours With You**
**Your Gratuity Is Greatly Appreciated**
Boar Tusk Jewelry
Boar Tusk Jewelry
We Have A Rustic Camphouse That Accommodates Our
Hunters Nicely.  It  Handles Up To Eight Hunters And Is $25
Per Person Per Night.  
Our Camphouse Has A Scenic View Over Pine Mountain,
Over Sized Front Porch That Runs The Entire Length Of The
House, Campfire Pit & Plenty Wood, Walk-In Cooler With An
Excellent Game Cleaning Area.  

The Camphouse Is A Scenic Hunting Lodge With Hardwood
Floors,Walls, Ceilings, Rustic Ranch Features, And Several
Trophy Mounts. Bath Tub and Walk In Shower.  Satellite HD
TV.  All You Need To Do Is Show Up With Your Food.